the biggest investment

The typical home purchaser spends around 90 hours over 6 months browsing the internet, researching websites, visiting real estate agencies and inspecting no less than a dozen properties. However we only spend a little more than one hour inspecting the home we eventually purchase.  Not surprisingly, 55% of us discover ‘hidden problems’after the settlement.

Everyone loves an upgrade

Purchasing a new home can be an exciting time. With the new location, more space and improved features it is easy to get caught in the moment.  By the time we find our ‘dream home’ most of us arethe biggest investment

exhausted from the months of searching, the endless lost weekends, the constant disappointments of missing out or vendors just not quite meeting our pricing expectations.

The endless home viewings and burden of just one more property inspection can make it easy to become complacent with our property inspections. It can be difficult to maintain a thorough inspection process as one property merges into the next.

Before you exchange a contract of sale or sign a purchase agreement, it is always recommended that you engage a qualified inspector to conduct a rigorous building AND pest inspection of your potential new home.

Why do I need these?

There are three good reasons why you should invest in a building and pest inspection report before you buy a property:

1. You will know any hidden problems in advance.

2. You can use the information to try and negotiate the price of the property or budget for the repair of

any problems.

3. You can engage with a specialist for advice about how any issues raised may aff ect the property at a later date.

Of course the building and pest inspection reports will be only two of many things you will need to consider before buying a property however they will help ensure that the “congratulations – the home is yours!” is a happy moment.