With official interest rates trending downward, shrewd mortgage holders may take the opportunity to call their lender to ask for a better deal.

We will renegotiate your home loan interest rate.

But when even a small interest rate reduction means potential savings of thousands of dollars, is a simple phone call really enough to get you there?

In 2019, ‘your interest rate should have a 3 in front of it’, is common advice for home owners considering the competitiveness of their loan settings.

But while a number of lenders offer lower rates to new customers, it’s not always so simple for existing customers to secure the same outcome.

As your mortgage broker, we are best suited to negotiate a better deal on your mortgage.

However there are times when lenders aren’t always so obliging when it comes to rate-matching to get you a more affordable mortgage. So sometimes it is better to “vote with your feet”.

As an existing client, it can be disheartening to see your bank offer new customers a lower rate to the one you currently have.

“Lenders regularly try to ‘win’ new customers by offering low rates. Lenders are often motivated by an their acquisition strategy and lose sight of their existing loyal customers.

So it may be time to refinance with a lender who is hungry to win your business.

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