Loans FAQ

How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow will vary from lender to lender. Contact us for a complete individual assessment of your situation.

How will you decide which lender to use?

We do not decide, you do, in conjunction with advice you receive from your Mortgage Broker. They will discuss your loan needs  and make suitable recommendations, then arrange a formal application and obtain a loan approval.

How much deposit do I need?

The deposit required will vary depending on the lender and the type of loan you choose. There are various factors to be considered before we can advise the actual deposit you will need in your own individual circumstances. Please contact us.

What is the First Home Owners Grant and am I eligible?

The First Home Owners Grant is a once off payment you will receive from the Commonwealth Government. In some circumstances we may be able to use the First Home Owners Grant as part of your deposit. However there are various factors to be considered. To find out if you qualify and how much you will receive, contact us.

What costs are involved in a home purchase?

Cost will vary depending on the property value, loan product and loan amount. We can help you estimate these costs
Costs involved in a home purchase may include (but not limited to):

  • Stamp Duty on the land Transfer
  • Stamp Duty on the Mortgage
  • Registration on the land Transfer
  • Registration of the Mortgage
  • Title search
  • Conveyancer/Solicitor fees
  • Loan Application
  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance
  • Valuation fee
  • Documentation fee
  • Property Insurance
  • Adjustment for rates and taxes
  • Building insurance

What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance?

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is payable by the BORROWER only when the loan amount exceeds 80% of the lender’s valuation. This premium is a once off payment and some lenders will allow you to add the LMI premium to your home loan, others will request it upfront. LMI doesn’t protect you (the borrower) it protects the lender from any losses resulting from defaulting on the loan. To get further clarification and an estimated on the premium contact us. We will discuss ways to minimise this payment.

What documents do I need for my loan application?

As a guide you may need the following documentations to confirm your identity and substantiate your income;

All borrowers need to show 2 of the following:
  • Identification documents equivalent to 100 pts.
    Birth Certificate – 70 Points Passport – 70 Points
    Citizenship Certificate – 70 points Driver’s License – 40 Points
        Public Utilities – 25 Points
Employed borrowers need to show:
  • Two most recent consecutive pay slips.
  • Most recent group certificate.
Self-employed borrowers need to show:
  • Last two years personal and business tax returns and ATO assessments.
Refinancing an existing property you’ll need to show:
  • Statements for the last six months of any existing home loan.
  • Your most recent rates notice and building insurance policy on the property
  • Credit card statements for the last six months (if refinanced).
Buying an existing property you’ll need to show:
  • Bank statements for the last six months to show your savings history/deposit.
  • A copy of the sale contract for the property being purchased.
  • Evidence of rental income if purchasing an investment property
  • Rates notice for all properties you own.
Building a new home you’ll need to show:
  • A copy of the builder’s fixed price tender.
  • A copy of council approved plans.


All clients’ situations are unique, so when we have arranged an appointment with you, we will let you know the information we will need.

How is interest calculated?

Interest is calculated on your outstanding balance on a daily basis and charged to your home loan account once a month. For this reason, and because of the number of days between months varies, the amount of interest charged each month may also vary. For further information contact us.

Do all lenders lend the same amount?

No. In fact the amount you can borrow varies considerably from lender to lender. Our job is to quickly find the lender that will lend you what you need and give you the best deal. Choosing the right loan is as important as choosing the right home its simple just contact us and we’ll show the difference.

Can I really own my home sooner?

Yes, with the correct facility and loan structure we’ll show you, absolutely free, a step by step plan how to minimize your mortgage, save thousands of dollars in interest and own your home sooner. If you like we’ll also show you how to use the equity in your property to start an investment portfolio just simply contact us today.

What can finance you assist me with?

  • Purchase a New Property (Owner Occupied or Investment)
  • Refinance an Existing Property
  • Extensions or Renovation of an Existing property
  • Consolidation of debts (lowering your current repayments)
  • Equity (Use the equity in your current property)
  • Construction of a new property
  • Finance Pre-Approval
  • Commercial Property (Purchase or refinance)
  • Rural property (purchase or refinance)
  • Land (purchase or refinance)
  • Property Development
  • Equipment & Car Finance