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Why using a mortgage broker makes sense


Unlike banks, mortgage brokers have access to a range of different products and lenders, and will work for you to find the finance arrangement that is most suitable to your current and future financial needs. Many of these products are not available to the general public. A bank can only offer you what they have available. Sometimes this is not always the best solution in the market place.


Who has time these days to go looking for the best  deal? A good broker does – that’s exactly what they do best. Mortgage brokers do the research and running around for you to find you the best loan for your personal circumstances. Not only will you save time and avoid confusion, but you are more likely to get a better deal. Brokers are trained in preparing your loan for approval.


When dealing with a Mortgage broker you are also building a relationship with someone who is personally and genuinely interested in you as a live long client – not just a quick transaction. Not only is your current financial situation explored, but so are your future financial and lifestyle goals as well.


A good mortgage broker will be able to explain in simple terms what type of loan products and features are available and more importantly why (or if) you should consider these. They should also be able to guide you on how to manage your finances more effectively and pay off debt sooner.


A good mortgage broker will communicate with you with every step of your loan process from application through to settlement. They will also take the stress away from you by liaising with your conveyancer and real estate agent to make your finance experience a stress free and seamless process.


As mentioned before a good broker will stay in touch with you even after the loan has settled and is a distant memory to you. As your personal financial needs change over the years (as they will) your finance specialist will be there for you every step of the way.

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